About Myself/My Inspiration

Posts about books, book research, inspiration, colleagues, favorite books, talks and festivals. Please leave comments and suggestions. I’m enjoying the theme of “hearing voices.” Though a little schizophrenic, voices were the influence turing young Joan of Orleans into Joan of Arc. What would make someone so young become so great? I love to contemplate that thought.

3 replies to About Myself/My Inspiration
  1. Laura, I am enamored with the vivid and beautiful images you’ve posted! I am interested in the “voices” concept too, especially with the Salem witch trials. One theory I have heard about the hallucinations some in Salem and Europe experienced was caused by spoiled wheat, creating a sort of LSD effect.

    1. Didn’t know about LSD-type wheat! Wow. Post more on that please! I saw an interesting semi-related story on a science show about the power of placebos to counteract “curses” suffered by victims of voodoo doctors. Rather fascinating. Maybe needs some investigation . . .

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