On an isolated mountain top

Irene Gueri, a widowed healer, plies her trade

She faces adversaries in the Church and countless slurs from neighbors who mistrust a lady physician, who lost her husband and crafts her potions from articles collected in dark hours before the dawn

And then, an invader stampedes through town, seizing the role of governor and imprisoning Irene’s countrymen. Will she survive this terror with her business intact? Can she protect her only son? And what about the newly minted alchemist, who arrived among the invader’s raiding party . . . 




Peddler of Wisdom ebook cover

The Peddler of Wisdom

In the borderlands of the village Les Échelles, giants sleep and werewolves howl. Travelers must cross deep gorges to pay visit. The only strangers are treasure-hunters seeking the riches of Zahara, a drowned Crusader bride. She planted the nearby woods with rich botanicals, now the healing herbs of Irène Guéri, apothecary in these parts. When a cruel invader storms the village he brings along his shy, though brilliant alchemist, Joaquíno Durande. Will Irene join forces with this scholar, risking her profession and her neighbors’ trust, or flee to the valley? Enormous decisions await, and great danger as friends, neighbors, and even the tools  Irene’s workshop rise, enchanted, into the fray of war.

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Boy of Sand and Sky

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is a Medieval story recently included in HALL OF HEROES, the fantasy collection released in spring, 2017.

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Thank you for visiting my author’s blog. Here I try to keep a regular record of my writing journey. Much of what I do in these pages is brainstorm ideas, discuss research concepts, variations on character and environments where I place figures from fiction.

My most recent work is the short story Boy of Sand and Sky. I wrote this short piece for the fantasy anthology Hall of Heroes. It is available now via Amazon and Kindle. Reviews have been coming in and I hope they might inspire you to select your own copy.










My other 2016 work, Laerka, is an urban fantasy rescue tale featuring a woman trafficked by Russian mobsters.


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Estate_Comp1_3The Estate 2014

This is my first novel, a ghost story set in modern Scotland. Fife County plays host to a visit by Midwestern teenager Gail, and sets a backdrop of sabotage and murder on the estate of a once powerful noble family. Available at Amazon via







Laerka, 2016, (original cover)


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