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This spring, I am recruiting middle school and high school readers to review some of their favorite titles. I’ll give you this spot here for your best mug shot and a column on this blog for your well-thought character analysis, plot synopsis, and discussion of key themes. Titles do not have to be those offered at book club or assigned by a teacher. You are free to submit titles you choose, yourself. I would ask that they be clean and written within the last ten years and that I get final decision on the choice of work reviewed. I will also edit language of submitted reviews for accuracy and space.

Submit book title ideas to me directly via email at

SPECIAL NOTE — if you would like suggestions of titles to review, I am glad to provide. Here is a short list provided by the American Library Association in a 2016 Best Of.

Carson, Rae. Walk On Earth a Stranger

Gilbert, Kelly Loy. Conviction

Hellisen, Cat. Beastkeeper

Donnelly, Jennifer. These Shallow Graves

Kaufman, Amie and Kristoff, Jay. Illuminae: The Illuminae Files_01





ABOUT the Jones Middle School Book Club




Greetings middle and young adult readers, of whatever age! I am a big fan of your age group and a full time writer for the YA shelf. I love the genre so much I have joined the nearby 8th grade lunch book discussion.

Tuesday this week we discussed Ransom Riggs’ Miss. Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children. We agreed on Riggs’ originality in using disability/exceptionalism as a plot motivator.

I asked students to do a drawing of a peculiar they’d like to read about or write a book about, themselves. Here are some of those illustrations.