Strange midwifery

I found a terrific online newsletter today, Wonders and Marvels, edited by one Holly King, professor of Bioethics AND French at Vanderbilt University. This little gem has both outstanding historical trivia and articles of Important Note on themes very close to my heart -- women in the history of science. One disturbing story they recently… Continue reading Strange midwifery


Renaissance Fare — chefs of Provence ca. 1600

Among my current tasks to prepare my historic novel manuscript for its final edit, I need to locate some of the foodstuffs my protagonist, Irene, would have had available in 1630. To that end, I have found a translated handbook, the Viandier of Taillevent or "The Meaty Wind-slicer," that was compiled for the benefit of courtly… Continue reading Renaissance Fare — chefs of Provence ca. 1600


Historical Leanings & the Healing Arts

Here's the next book I hope to read, Immortal, by Traci L. Slatton. Her bio reads that she used to do hands-on healing. I'm fascinated to see how this ancient healing method merged with art history will develop into a plot. I have tried doing both, myself, in a fashion. I've mixed the theme of… Continue reading Historical Leanings & the Healing Arts