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Re-finding forgotten words

What if I told you that the word "tourmaline" was to be struck from the English language? How about "aurora" or "gossamer?" Those aren't words we use so much -- why not toss them. And yet, the essence each of those words bestows on the page and conjures in the mind is somewhat irreplaceable. With… Continue reading Re-finding forgotten words


The Romani World: Researching a misunderstood people

Not so long ago, kids cheered the Gypsy Parisian dancer, Ezmerelda befriend a hunchback on the Disney screen. The red-tempered Carmen bewitched opera and bull-fighting fans, everywhere in the countless iterations of that Spanish tragedy. And then Hollywood got its hands on a group of American Romanichel, the U.S. branch of Irish Travelers, in the… Continue reading The Romani World: Researching a misunderstood people