Strange midwifery

I found a terrific online newsletter today, Wonders and Marvels, edited by one Holly King, professor of Bioethics AND French at Vanderbilt University. This little gem has both outstanding historical trivia and articles of Important Note on themes very close to my heart -- women in the history of science. One disturbing story they recently… Continue reading Strange midwifery


Field Healing and Dry Stone Walls

  June Newsletter So who hasn't nearly swooned during scenes from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series? Though the epic is a tad melodramatic for me, I am grateful to Clare Randall Fraser for popularizing the healer character in popular fiction. Though it's a role we somewhat expect from historic women, there aren't many, beyond professional nurses, whose entire… Continue reading Field Healing and Dry Stone Walls


Women Underground

My most recent literary research is on alchemy, particularly the chemistry/metallurgy in practice in 16th century France. I have a character I'm placing in a mountain village at the border of France and Italy who comes in contact with a visiting alchemist from the court of a Sardinian Prince. I have chosen my protagonist, Irene's,… Continue reading Women Underground