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Patty Caroll anonymous women - fubiz 1Today whilst browsing for interior paint, I found an intriguing on-line magazine for the arts, with a special sense of fantasy. I love what their featured photographer, Patty Caroll, does with a still life. Well, maybe it’s a portrait, but she’s missing her sitter. There apparently was once a manikin in there. But she’s only a head here. There’s a whole series of these at Follow the link:

White on white, as above, has been a recent fascination of my own. It’s really hard to photograph well, but when you get it right, the textures are amazing. I sort of have an idea of trying it in our new home. My family is moving in a month, so . . .  it seems I’m in the mood to experiment with a single palette. Can get away with it. Coffee/caramel in the bedroom? White/ivory in the living room?



A similar chromatic scale turns up here with greens — and the clarity with green is far more intense.  I think I prefer the white. There’s something to be said for blurred lines, especially when you’re a fantasist. And I’ve always had a thing for Miss. Havisham, living in a wasted wedding feast. It’s so macabre and weird.





As to purple, how about Kirsty Mitchell’s fairy tale goddess



You can see a variety of her tableaux at

Hard to imagine how this photographer positions her model and the flowers and the keys without any visible scaffold.



Dark Art






I am adding a page where I list my current obsessions with fantasy illustration (there are so many!), cover art, urban fantasy and sci fi writing, artwork, jewelry/fashion, film, etc.

Great illustrator Abigail Larson

Fantasy writers I enjoy at present:

Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus
Holly Black, the Darkest Part of the Forest
Leigh Bardugo, everything she writes
Jenny Nimmo, Chronicles of the King series

Non fiction interests

about witchcraft, Stacy Schiff, The Witches

Norse history and design, Desegno, Quarterly Magazine of Design, ‘Austurland’,