November writer’s news

Mariella Mehr -- Poet, Memoirist, Acivisit, Survivor Not many Roma divulge their experience of the Holocaust. Unlike the many Jewish organizations which provide documentary evidence, speakers' bureaus, and interviews about the extermination of six million European Jews, the Romany do not talk about the Porrajmos, Hilter's execution of 500,000 Roma. In Romani culture, to mention that horror is… Continue reading November writer’s news


Septmeber Newsletter

This week I was lucky enough to find a link to a wonderful, moving archive of Romani oral history. The Roma Support Group in London has launched a traveling exhibition of recent narratives, many of them available on YouTube, and via this link  http://rsg2016.weebly.com/?fbclid=IwAR3EIBeoLzLQMfp9BHftl6utwD8ebJL-3MNvA6DUU4YCkGh5GCQNa3-uCD4 If you are passionate about justice in school, jobs and housing, I encourage… Continue reading Septmeber Newsletter

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Re-finding forgotten words

What if I told you that the word "tourmaline" was to be struck from the English language? How about "aurora" or "gossamer?" Those aren't words we use so much -- why not toss them. And yet, the essence each of those words bestows on the page and conjures in the mind is somewhat irreplaceable. With… Continue reading Re-finding forgotten words


The Romani World: Researching a misunderstood people

Not so long ago, kids cheered the Gypsy Parisian dancer, Ezmerelda befriend a hunchback on the Disney screen. The red-tempered Carmen bewitched opera and bull-fighting fans, everywhere in the countless iterations of that Spanish tragedy. And then Hollywood got its hands on a group of American Romanichel, the U.S. branch of Irish Travelers, in the… Continue reading The Romani World: Researching a misunderstood people


On the Way: The Peddler of Wisdom

In mere weeks, I'll be unveiling my third novel, The Peddler of Wisdom. Here above is detail of the cover. I hope you'll help me welcome this new title featuring Irene, herbalist and healer of the Medieval French village, Les Echelles. I'd love to have visitors thoughts on the novel, its time period, details, characters,… Continue reading On the Way: The Peddler of Wisdom


Strange midwifery

I found a terrific online newsletter today, Wonders and Marvels, edited by one Holly King, professor of Bioethics AND French at Vanderbilt University. This little gem has both outstanding historical trivia and articles of Important Note on themes very close to my heart -- women in the history of science. One disturbing story they recently… Continue reading Strange midwifery


Being well heeled

One of my research sources, the Toronto Bata Shoe Museum, has an online exhibition at the moment that includes a wonderful assortment of men's footwear, including one or two from the period I'm studing, the mid 17th century. One shoe I particulary like is the young man's pump here: The costume that accompanied this shoe… Continue reading Being well heeled