On the Way: The Peddler of Wisdom

cover detailIn mere weeks, I’ll be unveiling my third novel, The Peddler of Wisdom. Here above is detail of the cover. I hope you’ll help me welcome this new title featuring Irene, herbalist and healer of the Medieval French village, Les Echelles.

I’d love to have visitors thoughts on the novel, its time period, details, characters, geography, etc. The e-book will come out first, then the print version.  Though it’s hard to find an existing painting of what Irene, my heroine, might look like, she might be a cross between one of the village women by the LeNain brothers (below left) and a 16th century noblewoman.



My story’s village of Les Echelles is actually not on any map — at least, it does not exist  in Provence. A town named Les Echelles does exist in the Rhone-Alpes, but I needed a village that had features of plunging cliffs, a river source, deep caves, and proximity to the coast, which, in fact, you cannot find in the department of Provence. So I borrowed the name of Les Echelles and placed the community where I needed it. Here, below, is that location. Look to the lower right of the Provence map and you’ll get an idea of where Irene lives and works.


You can pick up your copy of The Peddler of Wisdom now on Amazon at this link. Please let me know what you think in the review section!









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