Strange midwifery

I found a terrific online newsletter today, Wonders and Marvels,

edited by one Holly King, professor of Bioethics AND French at Vanderbilt University. This little gem has both outstanding historical trivia and articles of Important Note on themes very close to my heart — women in the history of science. One disturbing story they recently shared is the tale of the Stone Baby. Do read on. I link directly below.



I was fascinated and amused by the Stone Baby article, having heard about the 90-year old lady with the calcified fetus a year ago. What a horror! As my own recent research includes midwifery, I wonder how often it is that particles from afterbirth can remain safely inside a mother. I’d imagine very rarely!

More strange cases are surely in store at Wonders and Marvels. I will be following with interest.



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