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I’m all a-thrill over my recent photography discovery, Kristy Mitchell, who tells stories, both biographic and fantastic, through photography. You won’t believe what she does with cutouts, flowers, butterflies, and torn pages of text. Don’t miss a single link from three of her recent exhibitions:


Similarly, my cover artist, Jiamin Zhu, opens her own show in Seattle this month titled The Silk Road. If you’ll be near that great city, stop by Caffe Torino Seattle, especially on June 11, the official opening.

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It is my great pleasure to have the cover image from Laerka among these astonishing photographs. Look for this one if you visit.

I have just finished a short work on the theme of the miraculous Middle Ages for a short story collection. Excited to have it accepted into the anthology. But now I’m not sure how to illustrate it or where it should live long term. As a stand-alone or part of something else. Most of my work involves women with a special power, but in this case, the protagonist is a young boy. I’ve done a bit of audience switching there. But maybe I’ll just write a series from the point of view of villagers in the protagonist’s neighborhood, and maybe also from the well and the bell tower — both harbingers of change.

More to come . . .




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