My new urban fantasy, LAERKA, is here!

It’s finally here.laerka_ebook1

My second novel is available TODAY via Amazon. Though it’s only in e-book today, the print version should be available by the 15th December. The link is


The novel gets its name for the runaway character. The name Laerka is Danish for lark. She is the victim of human trafficking in my narrative.

I don’t want to say a lot more about the novel other than to preview a dragon, a few mermaids, a magical dress, a Gullah root doctor, and a gang of Goth skateboard punks. This unlikely posse help to solve the mystery of what happens to disappearing cargo off international container ships in the Port of Savannah.

If you have thoughts about the book, good or bad, please consider posting them at Amazon in the notes below Laerka’s listing. Reviews are THE best way for a writer to become known.




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