Laerka Book Reveal December 15


I’m excited to announce that Laerka, my follow-up novel to The Estate, will be available via Amazon, Kindle, and local retailers on December 15. And, in anticipation of the reveal, I’d love to get readers’ ideas of what will be on the cover.

design-pictureAs you may have read, my theme is human trafficking. The setting is Savannah with many scenes set aboard boat, in and around marinas and along the many miles of Intracoastal Waterway that are beloved of so many visitors to the Georgia barrier islands.


To peak your interest further, I include the blurb from the back cover of my novel. Enjoy!

Who is Laerka? Who indeed. She’s a stowaway, and though charming, an illegal alien–the laughing girl beside you and the spray of glitter in her wake. Savannah high schooler Stella Delaney finds Laerka in the swamp and learns that she has jumped six stories from a container ship. To con her way across boarders? Or because she’s being hunted? Savannah shipping crates are said to wail at night, crying for the girl washed up in the marsh, perhaps. Laerka wears a prison tattoo, a double headed dragon. Can Stella trust her? A girl at once vulnerable and fairy tale wild.

dark mermaid


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