So I was invited by two guru fantasy authors to help ring in Samhain this year with a fantasy hour.5 via Facebook. You can tune in on Oct 31st at noon Eastern at:


Coolio, no? Only thing is, I’ve, like, never MC-ed anything on-lineish before. I haven’t admitted this ’til now, but I figured I’d better say something in case some outstanding conversation we get into via FB suddenly transforms into a Megadeath video. My apologies in advance for any such.

So what I intend to do with my 90 minute MC session on the FB line . . .

  1. Competition for best creepy character mashup. Ex: Itchispud Groin
  2. Gothic Q and A with Lenore, the Raven (my familiar for the day). Questions to be avoided: Did you push that poor writer into the gutter where he bashed his head? Just how many bleeding heart tales did you tell?
  3. Guessing game — what do I have in my pocket?
  4. So you think you’re a stalker? First three people to snap a picture of something weird on a top shelf in their neighbor’s garage wins a prize. Extra credit if you don’t know that neighbor.
  5. Most unpleasant breakfast (reward – coupon for good breakfast).




6. Earliest curse (find date somewhere affiliated with text).

7. Most unusual use of beer.

8. Kindest historic treatment of person found “practicing witchcraft.

9. Worst hex you’d wish on your boss/cousin/work colleague/recent road rage                   assailant/bank loan manager

10. Best witch/wizard (cannot include any Hogwartian, denizen of Camelot, or Middle Earth dweller).

My witching hour is over at 1:30, and there will be prizes! Drawings for books, posters, coupons, jewelry. Hope to see you on the chat on Samhain/All Hallows!



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