Oct 31 Magickal Samhain Facebook Party

  Welcome Samhain revelers! This is the location for the answer to my part of the Samhain authors' literary scavenger hunt. My scavenger hunt question was -- In the excerpt (to be provided the day of my hosting session), where does the Rutherford family bull, Caedmon, chase main character, Eileen Morgan? A. Into a well … Continue reading Oct 31 Magickal Samhain Facebook Party

Scottish Wandering

In preparation for my Facebook Samhain celebration (October 31, noon to 1:30 at https://www.facebook.com/events/212026942547190/) I have made a  Scotland blog tour based on the travels of my literary character, Eileen Morgan, heroine from my first thriller, The Estate. Eileen will feature as my alter ego on the 31st, and I'll be doing a raffle and several … Continue reading Scottish Wandering

Guest Shaman at the Samhain

So I was invited by two guru fantasy authors to help ring in Samhain this year with a fantasy hour.5 via Facebook. You can tune in on Oct 31st at noon Eastern at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1539332339707019/?fref=nf Coolio, no? Only thing is, I've, like, never MC-ed anything on-lineish before. I haven't admitted this 'til now, but I figured … Continue reading Guest Shaman at the Samhain