Teen Writers at BN, Dublin

Barnes and Noble stuff

I was thrilled today to meet five aspiring writers at the Barnes and Noble B-fest on Sawmill Rd., Dublin, Ohio. These girls were clearly keen readers and experienced writers. We talked about the use of mythology, symbolism, and borrowing and reusing themes from folklore and ancient sources in modern teen fiction. They gave me five very different story ideas that they are working on, book ideas I hope to showcase right here, on this blog! I introduced my own Eileen Morgan, heroine of The Estate (2015), and modern day Theseus figure. Afterward, I described the last draft of Laerka and its use of Scottish, Danish and Gullah folk tales.


Thanks to this terrific group of new readers, all who got a copy of my book. I look forward to doing more writing workshops at Ohio bookstores. And you can plan to hear from these bright young writers, too, in the near future.

Special thanks to Lisa and Ross for allowing my late participation in today’s events.



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