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I joined a new writing group this week, hopefully to return to regular writing and to get some editorial advice on my 1980s throw-back novel. I haven’t had a regular writing group, though, since 2014 when I left Atlanta. My then critique partner was both a fine writer and a total bibliophile and such an outstanding editor I stopped looking for a replacement. But I found a totally different group last night at a new venue  — Wild Goose Creative, a gallery/arts cooperative on Summit in the University District.

Surprise surprise. They’ve been here forever, with writing groups, poetry slams, knitting circles, love-ins and I only learned about them last month from the Columbus State Community College English Department folks. What a great group of people. There were several poets, a memoirist, an essayist, three or four fiction writers, and one of them even writing for teenagers, like me. They meet twice monthly. This ought to increase my output. i have written nothing new since about January, and it was on a novel I’ve more or less put to sleep.

So thanks, Goose! I’ll be there. Probably with more pages than you had in mind. It’s my dystopic 80’s throwback thriller I have in mind to critique with your lot. And there is quite a mire to slog through. Good thing there are fresh eyes to put on those pages.

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