Book cover model camera shoot


I was amazed and humbled today by participating as a photographer at my first live model camera shoot. Thank you to beautiful Nicole and her makeup/hair stylists from Arielle. Nicole modeled for three photographers for two hours and provided me with about 75 amazing shots to eventually launch Laerka, my eco-fiction thriller about human trafficking in Savannah.

As you can tell from the close ups, Nicole had very fine leaves of gold applied to her body. The adhesive was argon oil, it turns out. The foil made a highly reflective surface that looked both glamorous and brittle. Bits fell off every now and then so there was a “shoot now!” urgency to today’s staging. Sooner or later the gold leaf will all ends up on the floor, according to the sylists and hopefully not in Nicole’s sandwich.



She was beyond patient, and I’m glad to say she liked the idea of being the model for my book. Her coloring and skin type are precisely what I had in mind for my Danish character, Laerka. I look forward to setting Nicole’s golden likeness into marketing pieces coming soon.




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