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I heard an interview today with the education curator at the Wexner Art Museum in Columbus. This was the job I used to hold at the Carter Presidential Museum. Turns out both of us have a passion for environmental art, especially how it can help teach young people how to be stewards of the world they inherit. Here were the images I enjoyed looking at today by Tim Pugh, a UK environmental artist and a man with a lot of patience!


My photo essay above shows how today, I’m both sick of winter and dying to add some color to the environment. I’m literally sick, as well. Have been for almost two weeks, along with Leila, my daughter. We’re in and out of the drug store every other day! So, I found these environmental art scenes to give new hope for spring. My favorite is the recycled bottle chandelier.


heathnash bottleball

But most surprising to me today was how the little STOP burned into my retina while finding this scene in the viewfinder.





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