The Liberation of Wheels

Overman Wheel Co

Though apparently not that many of us women cycle to work (reasons cited in recent NYT Magazine article, it’s too sweaty, the road’s not safe, helmet head), there was a time when women couldn’t wait to get on a bike, despite being belted into a corset and wearing a hat with the radius of a cocktail table. So I’m celebrating biker chicks today. Any stripe, any speed, though my favorite is the 1-speed Safety Bicycle

safety bicyclethan seems to have come with a stern Victorian spinster wrapped neck to toe in black taffeta.

See yourself in any of the below?

chainless bike acts of outrage 1890-1910 modern lady cyclist

I’d love to include more and will post them if you send me a picture of yourself with bike. Meanwhile, bike more, drive less, and watch your blind spot!

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