Who Were You in 1912

I made some progress today in my book research. I found the family home of John Stupin Jones, a Chicago industrialist who bought up 600 acres in central Ohio to put a stately home on in Granville, OH.

IMG_20150910_111201601 IMG_20150910_111409252

bryn du facadebryn du doorway

Though it wasn’t open today (director had car trouble), I got to shoot some pictures of the exterior and imagine relaxing on the porch swing. My heroine, Aurelie, will arrive at this grand doorway early in the novel. It is to be the grandest home she’s ever entered. I hope, next, to find some furniture of the 1910s. They aren’t in use, much, inside. Not from what I could see through the windows. It’s a wedding venue, mainly, so Edwardian side tables probably aren’t in use. But I’m on my way to find some, as well as the appropriate lamps, china, barware, carpets and wallpaper. I’m a big fan of interior decor, but too often, it’s in bad combinations. Too many big flowers or fancy Empire tables.

Here are some objects I have liked, and hope I can introduce to Aurelie.

1910s motifmission furniture

Wallpapers like these were a fashion for those with the cash, so was Mission furniture, like the examples above. Most would have held on to their Edwardian and Victorian furniture, too, and I’d guess Bryn Du did the same.

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