Where are the book illustrations for grown ups?

Anastasia Ilicheva

I would like to put my vote in for full color illustrated YA books. And adult novels, for that matter. There is so much vivid, remarkable and revealing illustration out there, unseen by those outside the art world, which deserves to be seen. I wish there were some way to influence publishers to put more of it in the pages of books for those over age 12. I know many readers who spend money on graphic novels and magazines, coffee books, exhibition catalogs. They spend a hefty amount, I might add. So how ’bout something like the above, a b/w illustration that wouldn’t cost a lot to reproduce on the pages of a novel for grown ups. Would it work? I think it might even promote more sales.

I admit, I may be more of a visual reader than some. I am a total sucker for a beautiful cover, or simply a memorable one. I love packaging and logos and fonts. Always have. I can stare at a cool gum wrapper for half an hour if it’s used ink and space in an interesting way. This fascination translates a lot into my written work. I have a very complete idea of what my scenery and characters look like, and though I think I describe pretty well, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to add illustrations, maps and line art in some of the pages, especially when the story involves a remote or unusual landscape that only a certain number of readers will have been to — like Fife, Scotland.

Anyone else out there think we should illustrate YA and adult books? Love to hear from you!

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