Move over crop circle, mermaid colossus, Arria, appears in Scottish field

CUMBERNAULD_SCULPTURE_03Just when you thought it was safe to go geo-caching . , this appears on the side of the road. Actually, I think she’s in a field. In a town called Cumbernauld. As if Scotland wasn’t cool enough already with those giant horses:


I’m mad, I suppose because I want one in my yard, or in my living room. I’ll move the couch and folks can sit on a coaster. I’ve always loved colossal sculpture, the most recent was Berlin’s team driven puppets, and now these show up. Come on, Ohio, we need some of this!! Public art is amazing, transformative, pride-inducing. No, they didn’t get their referendum, but Scotland is for the brave and this just proves it. I will now go soak in a brew of Scotch and thistle-wort and watch and olde Bond film.

PS. I see mermaids

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