The Estate, my new YA Mystery debuts January, 2015


Ta Da! This is the cover of my debut YA novel. I’m very excited. I’m still proofing round two of the galleys, but soon, soon, they tell me. Come January, you’ll find this title for your Kindle or book shelf (paperback on demand via Amazon) for a reasonable fee. It’s about 200 pages, give or take. If you enjoy gothic tales set in a remote location, this may be your kind of read. Also, if you have children or neighbors who travel or have taken part in foreign exchange, The Estate will ring familiar.

Protagonist Eileen Morgan is a 16-year-old Midwesterner on her first trip to Scotland. There, she quickly falls down a mine shaft and endures accommodation with haunted plumbing. She learns quickly that neighboring farm lad, Ewan Stalker, needs her help to reunite with his titled family, from whom he has become estranged. Can she manage this without alienating other claimants to the manor or running afoul of the much-decorated pedigree bull who stampedes the district?

I hope if you read the book, you’ll let me know what you think, especially if you are also a fan of things Caledonian. I will use this blog to post more on my research and on the region (Fife) that inspired the work.


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