What’s your album cover?



I was looking recently at old Rolling Stone issues and album covers from the ’80s. There were some good ones. If I ever put an album together, I’d have a hard time coming up with a cover, but I do have a look I have imagined in the characters I write about. Many of them are girls on the verge of womanhood, and so they are experimentalists. They try all kinds of music, every color and style of hair, and they go through regular fashion changes. 

My favorite costume to put on recently is Goth – Steam Punk. It’s such a fun do it yourself hybrid with a great nostalgic element and it’s not required to be dressy. I’m tempted to make that my fictional album cover, sort of like the picture I posted above. Share your imaginary album cover by sending it to me. I’ll add to to the end of this post. 

One of the most awesome album covers I can remember was one of Bjork’s. Kind of a crazy lady but with great taste.


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