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I’m researching spells this week. And though I’d very much enjoy a field trip to a coven or shaman’s residence, I’m going to have to be satisfied with what I find in print. Have any readers out there ever bought a love potion? Or been the recipient of one? I’ve read many on line articles by practitioners of magic who claim to provide cures to intensify love, to win the lottery, but none so far have been an actual curse. That’s what I’m looking for. I hope I find it.

I think our religious communities are pretty shy about the revenge business. But weren’t all religions originally getting even with someone? Christ was going to slay Satan, Abraham would crush the graven idols, Zeus was always at war with someone, so were the Mezo-American gods.

Today, though it’s considered all right to get your palm read at a carnival, I don’t think many would admit to conducting their business affairs or home life according to the advice of their astrologer. And yet for many centuries people did. There were mystics, sooth sayers and prognosticators on payroll in many noble houses. Can you imagine in the White House had an in house palm reader? I’ve got to say, I’d love it. If you believe the Greek myths, every Athenian went to see the oracle, or several, before an important decision. Why have we given that up, now?

I don’t read my horoscope. And I often eat the fortune cookie without glancing at my fortune. But I’m really into Wicca lately, and the way paganism looks at natural cycles as a way to govern or at least advise our lives.

I’m on the hunt for centering spells in the meantime and will add some to the blog when I find them. I wonder what some of the wildest spells are that have been bought and sold. Probably to do with revenge, I’m guessing. Vindication against a wife or husband or unfaithful relative.

I have found a good article about the current witch craze in books and TV. Go here to read more:


OK. I have just found a good source for Wicca spells. Among its many remedies is the expulsion of demons — a real necessity in my current stalker plot. So here it is, according to one Amaris Silver Moon:

michael victorious over satan

If spirits threaten me in this place,

Fight Water by Water and Fire by Fire,

Banish their souls into nothingness

and remove their powers until the last trace

Let these evil beings flee

Through time and space.

source: http://wiccanspells.info/banishing-spells/a-spell-to-banish-an-evil-spirit/#ixzz2jsYH0EN0

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