Schmoozing at the Decatur Book Festival

literary dragonThough I can’t do anything as brilliant as turn my program into an origami dragon, I did meet some cool writers at the Decatur Book Festival. Three in particular struck a chord, the ladies behind the book blog Shereads.org

I am now quite sure my own blog needs an editor, but whatverer. I can hadlne it. Seriously, though, Shereads does kick my ass. But it’s ok. I may still measure up. I’m also hoping the authors of the site put up some angles on where similarly oriented new writers should sent their material. Like blogger Ariel Lawhon, I write historical fiction but have had a $%>#@#!! of a time finding representation. Can I get some advice, please? I got some sympathy about this at the conference, but only on one occasion has a fellow writer sat down and named actual agents that would suit my work. This writer was a fabulous Arizona lady who writes YA mysteries. We don’t have much in common and that’s maybe why she helped me out. Generally, though, when I get the guts to ask the question, “how do I get an agent,” I get the brush off. “Oh you know, go to the blogs, hang out on Twitter, read Poets and Writers and Editors and Preditors.”

But man, I’ve tried that. A zillion times!! I know — be gracious. Be surprised. They don’t want to share the spotlight, and not their agent, or their publisher. But I’m here to tell you, LOUD AND CLEAR, as soon as I’m signed, I’m sharing my agents name with everyone. I’m nice like that. I share babysitters, and NO ONE else I know does that. But karma, man. It comes back around. So, agent, come around? I have nice handwriting and I often (but not always) check my spelling. And I’ll babysit your kids.

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