Nighttime on a rooftop

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So I have a question for readers: If you were on a rooftop on a moonlit night with a creepy streetscape all around, what would you do?

1. Relish it, what a night for mischief
2. Freak out, never know who’s lurking around the dumpsters
3. Call 911
4. What an opportunity, form a secret society to meet there

I go with answer 4. I’ve been totally into Urban Exploration recently — a kind of geochaching without the gizmos. This fellow does it in Great Britain as a kind of escapism, I think.


He’s also a darned good photographer, so I bet he sells his pictures after his trip to the dark side of abandoned buildings. Anyone ever try it? Think you could? I’m not so sure, but I need to consider it as research for my character Gayle in my novel in progress, The New Wave Black Out Club. If you’ve ever broken into an abandoned building just for kicks, write and tell me about it. I need details!

6 thoughts on “Nighttime on a rooftop”

  1. I would choose to drink in the scenery and relish tthe surroundings. My quiet breath is punctuated by the irregular groans and thuds from whatever lurks in the inkiness.

  2. Maybe my upbringing in a not-so-safe part of Lima, Peru but I would TOTALLY think that there are people hiding behind the dumpsters waiting for me.

    I would either stay overnight huddling in a corner of the rooftop or run away as fast as I can without looking back….

  3. I would form a Secret Underground Smoking Society (otherwise known as SUSS.) I hear all the best people belong to one. Or at least did when they were in college.

    1. You bet, Adam. Your adventures are very cool, pretty unusual, too. I first explored an abandoned building as a teenager in my hometown (sight of such blight, currently, that big swaths of the city are getting demolished) and got totally spooked, mostly by a kid who was trying to freak me out, and succeeding. That event becomes a scene in my novel in progress, The New Wave Black Out Club. Where are you urban spelunking next?

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