Women from the sea

Women from the sea


In my current research, I’m looking for stories, myths, legends and rumors abut mermaids and supernatural sea creatures in general. If you know one beyond the Hans Christian Anderson variety, please let me know. I’m very interested. I have found some fun links to things mermaidish, too.


Could you be from the sea?

There’s an audio book I get from the library for my kids — Maynard Moose’s Tales. It’s a version of the trickster tales but super silly, the reader pronouncing everything with lisps and mis-conjungations. He’s brilliant, silly and highly addictive. My kids have memorized his entire Uglified Duckling script.Where he gets me most is when…

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What crawled out of the river?

I’m writing about what happens to a girl who finds a strange creature alone on the banks of a marsh. Seems like a classic story where you should quick paddle back home. Of course, my heroine does no such thing.   I also love this garden sculpture, with creatures who look like they dwell below…

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